The Shanghai Municipal Law Management Cadre College, Shanghai Law College, and Shanghai University Law Institution were all operating at the time the school was founded in 1984. 
On the foundation of Shanghai University’s law school, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government approved the establishment of the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law in September 2004. (Shanghai Municipal Law Management Cadre College).
The school, which was jointly founded by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, was handed over to the supervision of the latter in November 2014. 
The Ministry of Justice founded law school in Shanghai in 1956; it was shut down in 1960. 
In addition to establishing the Shanghai Judicial School and Shanghai Judicial Cadre School and reestablishing the organizational structure, 1982 saw the implementation of the “one team, two brands” management philosophy. 
Shanghai University of Political Science and Law combined with the Shanghai Judicial School’s reformation scheme in 2008.
The school is adamant about creating gorgeous, harmonious, and civilized campus. 
The school, also referred to as “the garden school at the northern foot of Sheshan,” is situated amid the picturesque Sheshan National Tourism Resort and spans territory of more than 1,000 mu. 
More than 11,000 students study full-time. 
There are almost 200 off-campus practice bases for college students, as well as extensive teaching and research facilities, including 35 professional laboratories and training rooms. 
nationwide off-campus practice education base for college students is one of them, and it is called the legal education practice base.
The school won the titles of “National Civilized Unit” for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2015, “Shanghai Civilized Unit” for nine consecutive years, and “Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus” for four years in a row. Shanghai’s “Model School of Governing Schools by Law,” “School,” and “Garden Unit.”