In the early 1940s, it went under a number of titles, including Yan’an School of Foreign Languages (Chinese Military and Politics University of the Anti-Japanese Invasion). The Foreign Language School relocated to Harbin as an academic institution run by the Northeastern Democratic Army’s headquarters following the PLA’s conquest in 1946. (also a group of the PLA). The institution was rebuilt as the University of Heilongjiang in 1958 after being expanded.

The Institution of Heilongjiang is a significant provincial university and one of the 211 provincial universities. It is well-known in the fields of languages, business law, Marxist philosophy, and water conservation.

It provides China’s sole Manchu language program. The Russian Language Studies program at Heilongjiang University is regarded as the best in China. The only one of the three Russian centers that Russia created in China is the Russian center. The largest library in Heilongjiang Province, Library of Heilongjiang University has 5.1 million books. The largest bookshop in Heilongjiang Province is the Xuefu bookstore at Heilongjiang University.