A national “211 Project” university and a national “Double First-Class” institution, China University of Geosciences is a national strategic university directly under the Ministry of Education. On the East Lake’s bank in Wuhan, China University of Geosciences has a view of the mountain’s foothills to the south. Earth science is the school’s primary distinguishing feature. Science, engineering, literature, management, economics, law, education, and other fields are included in the disciplines. Geology and geo-resources Geological engineering was chosen as one of the two “double first-class” construction disciplines.

More than 100 institutions in the United States, France, Australia, Russia, and other nations have signed agreements of friendly collaboration with the school, which actively engages in international academic, technological, and cultural exchanges. Our institution was the driving force behind the creation of the “International University Alliance of Geosciences” in 2012, which brought together 12 prestigious institutions like Stanford University, Macquarie University, University of Waterloo, University of Hong Kong, and Oxford University. Exchange and collaboration for mutually beneficial talent development and technical innovation Over 900 instructors and students have recently traveled or studied abroad on behalf of the school, and an additional 900 teachers and students are pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.

The Confucius Institutes at Bryant University in the United States, Alfred University in the United States, and University of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria have all been established with the help of the institution. The “Sino-US Joint Trenchless Engineering Research Center” is one of six centers for international scientific research collaboration. Establish “Silk Road Academy,” “Jordan Research Center,” and “Silk Road Geological Resources International Research Center” as part of the national “One Belt, One Road” plan.