A significant institution immediately under the Ministry of Education is Beijing Normal University. The Jingshi Daxuetang Normal School, which was established in 1902, served as the institution’s forerunner. The Jingshi Superior Normal Institution, which was started as an independent school, was given a new name in 1908. It changed its name to Beijing Higher Normal School in 1912. As the first normal university in Chinese history, the institution changed its name to Beijing Normal University in 1923. Beijing Normal University was formed by the merger of Beiping Women’s Normal University and Fu Jen Catholic University in 1931 and 1952, respectively.

The 13th Party Congress of Beijing Normal University advanced the strategic concept of “three steps,” which is unmistakably defined by this century Middle School entered the forefront of world-class universities, and further clarified the school’s running orientation of building a “comprehensive, research-oriented, and leading teacher education world-class university with Chinese characteristics.” The school is currently working to create a discipline development system of “plateau support and peak leadership” and an integrated school-running pattern with the Beijing campus and Zhuhai campus as two wings, continually deepening comprehensive reforms, and supporting the development of various endeavors. Building a top-tier university is something Beijing Normal University is doing with consistency.