China Campus Network or CCN is a project to improve Chinese language foundation and academics. To prepare students for admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Students will receive a scholarship for a bachelor’s or master’s degree after completing the foundation course. according to the course applied to the project as well

The IFP course is a course that students can choose to study in the field and university of their choice. Both at the bachelor’s and master’s level The learners must first pass the Chinese Language and Academic Enhancement course first. and can choose to apply for scholarships from 2 universities in 37 Chinese universities under the CCN project.

  • learn basics (duration depends on HSK results).
  • Studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree By choosing to apply for 2 universities from the quota available in 37 universities.
  • Choose 1 – 2 fields you want to study without limitation. and under the qualifications that students can study.
  • Know the university after learning to adjust the basics.
  • Know the type of scholarship at the date of application, basic adjustment.

Note: In selecting this course it may be necessary to take into account that the chosen field may not be available at the time of registration, which can happen. and students will have to switch to other nearby fields instead.

Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree year 2022 can apply today

IFP Fundamentals Course


The level of Basic Adjustment will depend on the HSK level or Chinese level the student has. (Can take the Chinese language proficiency test with the project)

  • There are 10 Foundation Study Centers in China, each cycle cannot determine which Center students will study until they receive a scholarship acceptance letter from the university.
  • Opening times of each semester are subject to change. with prior notice.


Studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a Chinese university with IFP course scholarships


Scholarships and Conditions:

  1. Students with a 2.5+ GPA can apply for a maximum of 100% of the tuition fees. If the GPA is less than 2.5 but not lower than 1.5, they can apply for 50% or less of 50% of the tuition fees.
  2. Students will know the type of scholarship at the time of applying for the foundation course. In the event that the student does not receive a scholarship The project will refund the full application fee. In the event that a student refuses a scholarship The project reserves the right to refund the application fee.
  3. no-obligation capital No need to pay back the scholarship after graduation.
  4. Scholarships awarded to students are conditional on the grades the student is required to collect during the foundation course.
    For example, University A must maintain 80% of the grades, University B must accumulate 75%, and 90% of attendance is required at least
  5. In the event that the student is unable to accumulate points during the basic adjustment study as the document informs Such type of capital guarantee deemed to be terminated immediately But the project has a policy to help students as follows:
    Solution 1: The project will negotiate with the university to consider the student’s score again.
    Solution 2: The student is still studying at the same university. the same branch as agreed But will receive a lower scholarship.
    Solution 3: The project offers scholarships from other universities in the same or lower scholarship category.
    Solution 4: May not receive any scholarships. If the base adjustment score is lower than the minimum (typically 60%) or at that time no capital quota left.

Getting a scholarship:

There are 2 formats: Scholarships will be distributed to students in two ways below depending on university policy.

  1. Students are exempt from tuition fees on the day of registration.
  2. Students must reserve their tuition fees prior to the registration date and the funds will be refunded back to their bank account. Chinese students In the first semester of study (Most will get a refund within 1-2 months)

*Before students decide on a university and branch The staff will inform the conditions of receiving this scholarship before making a decision.

At the end of the basics course
Enrollment into the university process or up to Year 1 may incur the following incurred costs:

  • Enrollment fee xxx Yuan (some universities)
  • Deposit or dormitory insurance
  • Book cost xxx yuan
  • Annual insurance fee 11175.89 BDT per year
  • Resident Permit 5587.94-13969.86 BDR per year depending on the city and university.

*Depends on each university You can inquire with the admissions officer.


To maintain the scholarship when entering as a student of the university will have the following main criteria:

  • Students must pass all subjects. (Most universities use this criterion.)
  • Students must pass but can allow to fall in the number of subjects specified by the university each year without cutting the scholarship.
  • Students are required to achieve grades that meet the percentage specified by the university.
  • Conditions for maintaining capital each year may not be the same. Each year students are required to double check with the university themselves.

Branches and universities of the IFP course


The IFP course can be chosen as many as you like.
*Can check branches Universities and scholarship quotas are available from admissions officers.

Examples of IFP disciplines

Science and engineering

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Marine Oil – Gas Engineering (Marine Oil and Gas Engineering)
  3. Intelligent Science and Technology
  4. Information Security


  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Economics
  4. Marketing
  5. Tourism Management

Humanities and Arts

  1. Journalism
  2. Advertising
  3. International Politics
  4. Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(Teaching Chinese for Foreigners)


Documents required to apply for the IFP course

Bachelor’s degree

  • 1 copy of ID card
  • 1 copy of Passport
  • Original copy of the results of 5-6 semesters (Transcript) (English or Chinese)
  • Graduation Documents or documents expected to be completed (Graduation Certificate) (English or Chinese) original
  • 1 copy of HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Result (if any)
  • One 2 inch white background photograph or size 48 mm x 33 mm.
  • A 500-word self-introduction letter in English or Chinese. with one’s own signature
  • Recommendation letter from teacher English or Chinese with the signature of the teacher in the amount of 1 copy
  • One 3-minute video introductory video in English or Chinese (only for Xi’an Jiaotong University and Tianjin University).


Master’s degree

  • 1 copy of ID card
  • 1 copy of Passport
  • Original copy of the results of 5-6 semesters (Transcript) (English or Chinese)
  • Original certificate or Graduation Certificate (English or Chinese)
  • 1 copy of HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Result (if any)
  • One 2 inch white background photograph or size 48 mm x 33 mm.
  • A 500-word self-introduction letter in English or Chinese. with one’s own signature
  • Recommendation letter from a teacher or supervisor English or Chinese with the signature of the teacher, divided into (1) For students who have just graduated and have no work experience Use 2 letters from teachers. (2) For those who are working. Use a letter from a teacher. and one letter from the supervisor
  • Certificate of Conduct from the National Police Station (In case the student has graduated more than 6 months or has been unemployed for more than 6 months) 1 copy
  • Working Certificate (in case of working status or working experience) 1 copy
  • Resume (English or Chinese) 1 copy
  • One 3-minute video introductory video in English or Chinese (only for Xi’an Jiaotong University and Tianjin University).


IFP course application process


  1. Study about course costs
  2. Discuss university and scholarship quotas with admissions officers.
  3. The staff informed the conditions and expenses before agreeing to process the documents
  4. Pay an application fee of 31132.76 BDT along with a copy of your ID card or passport.
  5. Students must complete all documents within 30 days of payment of the application fee. *If it is past due, it will be deemed that the student has neglected the process and will be deemed to have waived the right to apply. (or can only allow it in some cases)
  6. Officers examine and submit documents to CCN headquarter staff in China.
  7. Wait for the Offer (Offer) issued by the CCN. The duration may not be the same for each application period, typically 7-30 days, or longer in some cases.
  8. When receiving documents confirming the results Students and parents must read all Offer documents for their terms and conditions. To ensure that the terms and conditions are met as stated by the staff in the first step of the admission process.
  9. Upon reading the terms and conditions, the student agrees to receive the scholarship according to the conditions in the document. The first round of payment must be made within 14 days of receiving the Offer via email.
  10. When students pay for the second round, they will receive an Admission Notice issued by the university where the student is studying for the foundation course. to be used to verify the identity of the student
  11. visa 3rd round payment as scheduled
  12. processing a visa The project will be the operator and give orientation before traveling for all students in that round.
  13. Travel to study and adjust the basics to that university
  14. Payment for the 4th round. This money must be paid only upon arrival at the university. This will be the dormitory fee and accident insurance.